Weekend Links…


It’s been a “busy” week at work, which has slowed my crafting a bit – I don’t mind, though, because today is my Friday! Once midnight hits, I’ll be a crafting machine (well, more like 12:45 am, since I have to drive home).

With J’s birthday coming up, I’m trying to round up ideas on cool things to make – but that list is still a work in progress (I have a little under a month, so there won’t be knitting involved… we’ll save that for Christmas, since I’m the slowest knitter ever). In the meantime, I’ve gathered a few home-centric craft ideas that I’m going to be trying out!

1. Faux taxidermy deer heads have been everywhere, and I’d previously been apathetic – but this DIY at Know & Tell Crafts has [wait for it!] endeered me to them: Faux Taxidermy Deer DIY

2. I’m a fan of Ikea Hackers & this tutorial for a Card Catalog Jewelry Box made from an Ikea Moppe set of drawers* over at {aka} design makes me really happy. (*While the Moppe drawers aren’t available on the US version of Ikea’s site, there are some for sale on eBay)

3. Music Lyrics Vintage Sign DIY via {aka} design! [Man, I love Martha Stewart supplies…]

4. I love the neon accents on the Neon Ombre Front Porch Coffee Set at Shrimp Salad Circus.

5. Aaah! A DIY for your own Sealife Canvas Art (kind of like the cephalopod print I raved about in this post). [via Nest of Posies]

6. Excited about these DIY Branch Curtain Rods, b/c they’re exactly what I was planning to make for the living room! [via The Burlap Bag]

Enjoy your weekend!


Thoughts? Ideas? Tips?

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